Living in Devon, much of the inspiration for my work comes from exploring the countryside, coasts, rivers and towns near my home. Although I do sometimes work Plein air, each piece usually starts from a reference photo or sketches made on site. My paintings are a celebration of the moment so the enjoyment of the process is a key ingredient of each piece. Colour features a lot in my paintings and I enjoy playing with the effect of different colours placed alongside each other. Working mostly in acrylics, I begin with a vibrant, mid toned ground and as the layers of paint build and create the illusion of depth without obvious texture, traces of the ground remain visible unifying the painting as a whole.

- Janet Hockley

About Me

"Pour moiun tableau doit être une chose aimable, joyeuse et jolie, oui jolie! Il y a assez de choses embêtantes dans la vie pour que nous n'en fabriquions pas encore d'autres."

- Auguste Renoir